Pemaquid Ale

Name: Pemaquid Ale

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Brewed By: Sheepscot Valley Brewing Company

Style: Scottish Ale

Pours a deep mahogany that has a ruby red glow when held to the light, delicate white head that settles quickly but doesn’t completely disappear.

Nose is malt forward, baked bread, notes of caramel and yeast followed by an earthy hoppiness.

Flavor follows the nose with a malt forward flavor, tastes a bit like multi grain bread with some roasty notes, a hint of smoke and some fruitiness. Initial sip has a caramel sweetness then a mellow bitterness and an earthy hop flavor bring everything back into balance. Pemaquid ale is light in body, not quite watery but close.

Overall a balanced, easy drinking beer. The hops heads out there may want to skip this one. It’s malty but not overly sweet with a very mellow hop bitterness on the back end, not quite on par with an English Bitter, flavored more like an English Pale, I’m not sure I’d believe it was a Scottish Ale if I hadn’t looked to find out. I don’t get to have this beer often so I was excited to find it in bottles, it’s not how I remember, I’m not sure if it’s because of brewhouse changes or the fact it’s bottled or maybe my palate has changed since the last time I had it, still a good beer either way, worth checking out.

By , from Coaster Critique.